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How to Fix a Blocked toilet

Easily use a plunger to clear it with these tips!

Just walked in to see your toilet about to overflow? Here’s what to do to have fixed in no time. Firstly don’t keep flushing hoping the problem goes away, leave it for a short amount of time (10-20 minutes) to allow the water level to drop and in the meantime grab your plunger. Where possible, use a flange style plunger for best results. Next, turn off the water inlet to the toilet, usually located behind the toilet and examine the toilet water level. If more then half the toilet is full, remove some water with a bucket or large bowl, otherwise fill it up to halfway. This is an important step as too much water will make a greater mess of your bathroom and not enough water will not provide enough suction for an effective plunge. The your plunger and submerge it into the water, ensuring that it creates a seal with the drain opening and most of it is covered with water. Use strong but fast thrusts for up to 30 seconds, ensuring you do not break the seal with the drain opening or lift it too far out of the water. This should successfully clear your drain. If this does not work after a few tries, there is likely a larger problem at hand its time to call a plumber. For all your plumbing problems such as a toilet you cannot unblock, give us a call on 0413733024 and we will be happy to help.

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